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Entomological tool for kids

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The Levenhuk LabZZ TW5 entomological tweezers are a great everyday tool for a young researcher or an adult aspiring entomologist. Professional zoologists often prefer plastic tools to metal ones: the plastic tweezers prevent an insect from being damaged when you are putting it in a bug can, killing jar, or collector's box. Moreover, it is a helpful tool when you need to straighten the antennae or legs of an insect to make it look more natural in the collection.

The Levenhuk LabZZ TW5 tweezers are easy to work with, practical, and they take up little space. This is important for an entomologist who works in the field, especially a young one. The wide tweezers' jaws with rare gentle notches can hold insects of different sizes carefully without damaging their chitinous exoskeletons. The tweezers are also designed with a stopper that prevents excessive force on the jaws. This ensures that even an inexperienced user is not going to damage the exhibit or break the tweezers themselves.

Key features:

  • A useful tool for collecting living material and making collections
  • It requires minimum compression force and that makes it easy to use even for kids
  • The ribbed tweezers' jaws hold the insect firmly
  • The stopper will prevent the object of study or the tweezers themselves from being damaged