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Levenhuk is in the business of wholesale distribution of microscopes that includes many famous brands. We do business with such manufacturers as Levenhuk, a US company supplying digital and biological microscopes of the widest spectrum of use: from kids’ microscopes to sophisticated professional models. Microscopes of this brand will also please all fans of research conducted at home with their designer series of microscopes in a colorful body. Levenhuk is a supplier of wholesale microscopes all over the world, and we are open to cooperation with anyone who is interested. Microscopes are widely sought after not only by scientific research institutions, but also by optics stores for a wider public.

How to choose and order wholesale microscopes in the online store

Microscopes vary a lot, depending on the way they solve the objectives set before them. According to their type, microscopes may be biological or digital. Using the first ones, you observe through an eye lens, and in the second ones, the eye lens is a camera, and you can see the image on the PC display. A digital microscope may have an external or built-in camera (a USB microscope). In their turn, biological microscopes may be subdivided depending on the types of their attachments into monocular and binocular ones. Moreover, there are such categories of microscopes as kids, school, tool-setting, and laboratory ones. Buy wholesale microscopes in this category.

If you are looking for a microscope from a certain manufacturer, we grouped the entire range by brands: now, it will be much more convenient to choose wholesale goods microscopes. We offer products by the following companies: Discovery, Levenhuk, Bresser, and others.

Bestsellers are the most popular models of microscopes. This list is made and updated on the basis of our buyers’ feedback. All microscopes are the choice of satisfied customers who purchased the exact microscope that they needed.