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Specifications of spotting scopes put them in the middle between binoculars and telescopes. Most often the spotting scopes are used for ground observations of objects from afar, but there are also models for astronomical observations. If you want to buy spyglasses for wholesale distribution, please have a look at models in this section.

Do you want to buy spyglasses directly from the supplier? We offer a wide range of scopes for any tasks!

This section presents spotting scopes for wholesale distribution by famous brands. Wholesale spotting scopes by Bresser are state-of-the-art optical devices that will enable you to observe both ground and astronomical objects. Buy wholesale Bresser spotting scopes at the best price in our online store. Here, you can find compact spotting scopes, large aperture scopes, and spyglasses with built-in digital cameras.

Order wholesale spotting scopes by the manufacturer Levenhuk. High quality and reliable Levenhuk spotting scopes are perfect for observations of objects from afar. Models with a small lens and low weight are perfect for tourism. The supplier offers spotting scopes with powerful large aperture lenses that may be used for hunting from a ground blind and in professional activity. High quality coated optics enable Levenhuk spotting scopes to produce a clear and bright image and provide perfect performance of the latter makes observations possible under any weather conditions.

Field observations are often necessary, and then one has to figure out how to carefully and conveniently transport optical equipment. Spotting scopes are often bulky, which complicates their transportation in a regular backpack. To keep spyglasses safe, use special bags and cases from trusted suppliers. Order wholesale spyglasses directly from a manufacturer and add useful accessories to your purchase!