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Binoculars are the most popular optic devices. Anyone in their life may find themselves in a situation where binoculars would be handy: walking in the city or in nature, a sports event or a theater play, fishing or hunting or even observations of astronomical objects. Wholesale binoculars from famous brands – Levenhuk (USA), Bresser (Germany), and many more. You will certainly find binoculars suitable for any situations in the ranges of these manufacturers.

Order wholesale binoculars for any purposes

Binoculars in the LevenhukB2B online store are divided into four categories. Tourist binoculars – compact and light models for those who prefer traveling without luggage and observe mostly during daytime. Field binoculars – to solve critical tasks beyond the city limits. Binoculars for stationary observations – large aperture models of high magnification that are better to be installed on a tripod for the clearest image. Astronomical binoculars – highest power models of binoculars with high magnification and large aperture lenses that enable observations of celestial objects using tripods.

You can choose and buy wholesale binoculars for any types of observations here. Bestsellers are the most popular models of binoculars. This list is made and updated on the basis of our buyers’ feedback. All binoculars are the choice of satisfied customers who purchased the exact binoculars that they needed.

Binoculars as any optic device require delicate handling and good care. The more functional, better quality, and accordingly more expensive the binoculars are, the more critical their safety becomes. We are not only in the business of wholesale distribution of binoculars, but we also offer bags for binoculars transportation, protective cases for storage and special care and cleaning agents.