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The section presents wholesale action cameras from leading manufacturers. An action camera is a small and light digital camera that is perfect for making a video or taking photos of dynamic scenes. It is convenient to shoot extreme sports, undersea, skydiving, motorcycle, and car races. This small and light camera may be installed practically on any surface, and it will record everything that is happening around. Action cameras may record video in different modes and make a series of photos, are equipped with many fixtures and protected against water penetration. The most advanced models shoot in 4K quality and support wireless data transfer through Wi-Fi.

Wholesale distribution of action cameras

Action cameras have become popular quite recently. Design of such cameras supports their functioning when shaken or otherwise moved around. But the specifications of action cameras (for example, video resolution) are almost the same as in stationary ones.

Apart from the resolution, when buying wholesale Action Cameras, consider the other parameters too. The most critical factor is a design type that determines the device operation under certain conditions. Cameras equipped with an underwater box by an Action Cameras supplier are designed for underwater operation.

Protective properties provided by manufacturers vary. Action cameras may be waterproof, dustproof, frostproof, and crack- and shock-resistant. An important advantage is an image stabilization system. Most Action Cameras wholesale have a view screen. Considering methods of information exchange organization, evaluate the list of available wireless interfaces (if available). Order wholesale Action Cameras with high battery capacity: the higher it is, the longer is the autonomous operation time.

Action Cameras from manufacturers are always available in the LevenhukB2B online store. Reliable equipment will provide you with tons of benefits.