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Please familiarize yourself with astroplanetariums from the Discovery, Levenhuk, and Bresser manufacturers – such astroplanetariums can create realistic moving projections on any smooth surface. Some models can demonstrate animated objects (shooting stars, Earth revolving on its axis, etc.).

You can buy wholesale astroplanetariums in our online store

An astroplanetarium operates as a projector. All you need to do is to point it at a light single-tone surface, for example a ceiling or wall. The built-in motors rotate the device, simulating the rotation of the celestial sphere, and to make it more realistic, the program may simulate shooting stars. If you were thinking about where to order wholesale astroplanetariums, consider this section. It includes various astroplanetarium models for home use. A full description of each product will help you find a suitable model.

Our store is in the business of the wholesale distribution of astroplanetariums, and the catalog includes a wide selection of wholesale astroplanetariums. When you make your choice, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Projection width. Ideally, the image projected by an astroplanetarium should totally cover the ceiling in the room or at least most of it. This way, it looks much more impressive. If you plan to use an astroplanetarium in relatively large rooms, sel ect a model with a state-of-the-art optical system capable of displaying wide projections.
  • Number of displayed stars. The more stars are seen in the night sky, the more impressive it looks! Medium width projections look perfect with more than 10,000 visible stars on – use this value as a benchmark. Some astroplanetarium suppliers release models capable of displaying 60,000 stars!
  • Optimal distance for projection display. This is simple – the higher the adjustment range, the “stronger” the optical system of a specific home astroplanetarium and the easier it is to adjust it for operation in different rooms. Minimum distance for the models with quality optics is usually 1—1.5 m, maximum – from 2.5—3 m.