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Compasses are a reliable method to know one’s way around in any situation. We offer you the opportunity to buy wholesale compasses. Our wide range will help you choose the most suitable compass for you. You can buy selected models wholesale at an incredible bargain.

Order wholesale compasses in the LevenhukB2B online store

LevenhukB2B online store offers you the opportunity to buy compasses wholesale. Such an accessory is a must-have for any tourist, hunter, fisherman, and professional mushroom picker. Use of a magnet compass does not require any additional sources of energy (accumulators and batteries) or satellite signal availability.

Main types of compasses: magnet compass, gyro compass, and electronic compass. LevenhukB2B offers products from reliable compass manufacturers. The catalog presents compasses of various sizes, forms, and purposes. A hand compass is very convenient for cyclists and athletes. A magnet compass is the most common of these devices; it finds the directions using the magnetic poles of the Earth. Such a device is not designed for use in areas of magnetic disturbances and deposits of subsoil resources. For such areas, it is preferable to buy a liquid or an electronic compass. Compass suppliers design multiple models with different features.

An electronic compass is becoming more popular these days and produces more accurate readings. A liquid compass is equipped with an auxiliary ruler and a magnifying glass. It is not difficult to use such a device. Therefore, professionals and amateur hunters as well as tourists should buy it. The available modern devices are small and compact.

We are in the business of compass wholesale distribution and we cooperate with the leading manufacturers. Compass prices depend on a model, specifications, or brand.