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Smoothed edges, slides precleaned

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The set slides/cover plates is use to make Preparations for biological microscopes. The slide holds the preparation it will be covered with a cover plate.

These Bresser slides and cover glasses are compatible with the following Bresser microscopes:

  • Duolux
  • BioDiscover
  • Biorit
  • Erudit DLX
  • Erudit MO
  • Researcher Bino
  • Researcher Trinocular
  • LCD microscope
  • Science TRM 301
  • BioScience Bino
  • BioScience Trino
  • Science ADL 601 P
  • Science ADL 601 F
  • Science MPO 401
  • Science IVM-401

The kit includes:

  • 50 blank slides 76x26mm
  • 100 cover plates (0,17mm thickness)