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The manufacturer Bresser is a long-established German company that has been on the market for over 60 years. It is one of the largest suppliers of optical instruments in the world. The company’s main directions include the manufacture and distribution of telescopes, binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and various accessories for optics. The company also offers optical equipment for kids.

The computerized telescopes are certainly a highlight of Bresser wholesale product range. Equipped with a small hand controller, these telescopes easily target celestial objects by pressing a button – automatically! Stars, planets, galaxies, star clusters, and nebulas – not visible with bare eye – will become visible with special wide-angle eyepieces. The possibilities of the product assortment are astonishing: you can chose between over 100 variants in optics and mechanics, suited for beginners, hobbyists as well as private or public observatories.

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Bresser is a German company with a history of sixty years that has proven itself both on the Russian and international market. Popular Bresser optical devices, with reviews available on different websites, are notable for their high performance and they comply with the international quality standards. You can really distinguish them among devices of other brands: best value for money from the German manufacturer is really impressive.

You can order Bresser wholesale on our website. The catalog includes a large variety of devices, so that you can choose your best gadget by specifications, functionality, design, and other requirements. The catalog of products from the Bresser supplier is rather impressive. It includes a wide range of binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, microscopes, planetariums, and other good optical equipment.