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Newton's telescope. Primary mirror diameter (aperture): 254mm. Focal length: 1270mm

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Bresser Messier Dobsonian Telescope is a real breakthrough. This powerful Newtonian telescope gathers a lot of light due to its large 254 mm (10") optical tube diameter. You can explore numerous celestial objects, including the Moon and the planets as well as the deep-sky objects. The telescope features parabolic primary mirror made of H-PZ33 low expansion glass. Forget about vignetting due to its Hexafoc focuser with a 65 mm (2.5") diameter. Large widefield eyepieces are supported by the big altitude wheels that easily carry heavy eyepieces. You only need to move the tube in its tube rings and balance the telescope within seconds. Moreover, these large wheels provide smooth and precise movement even at high magnifications.

This telescope system is versatile: if you need to use this telescope for astrophotography, you can remove the altitude wheels from the tube rings, attach a dovetail, and it is ready to go. Moreover, the focuser handles even heavy cameras tilt and shifting-free. Assemble and disassemble this telescope easily and quickly: the parts of the rocker box are connected with the standard metal furniture fasteners. That is practical for compact storage or transportation of the telescope.

  • Newton optics with parabolic primary mirror made from H-PZ33 low expansion glass material
  • 2.5" HEX focuser with rack & pinion drive
  • Large altitude wheels provide smooth and precise movement even at high magnifications
  • 6x30 finder and SPL 25 mm eyepiece included
  • 9-point flotation system mirror cell for the for primary maximizes optical performance
  • Tube rings facilitate the use of the optics on equatorial mounts
  • The parts or the rocker-box are connected with metal furniture fasteners for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Diffraction limited optics: Strehl > 0.8


  • Primary mirror with a 254 mm diameter
  • Focal length: 1270 mm
  • 2.5" HEXAFOC-Focuser
  • Primary mirror made of low expansion glass
  • Shifting-free focusing even with heavy accessories
  • Tube can be shifted in the rings for easy balancing
  • Decomposable rocker box
  • Altitude bearings are connected to tube rings
  • Optics can be used on other mounts
  • Adjustment and locking screws come with different diameters

The kit includes:

  • Newtonian optical tube assembly
  • 6x30-Finder
  • 25 mm Super Plössl eyepiece (Ø 31.7 mm/1.25")
  • 1 Tube extender 37.5 mm for 2.5" Hexafoc
  • 1 Reducer 50.8 mm to Ø 31.7 mm
  • 2 Tube-rings
  • 2 Altitude bearings
  • 1 rockerbox with 2 ground boards and assembly material