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The network of Levenhuk dealers has greatly expanded!


Dear visitors and customers!

We are happy to inform you that some Italian stores have become our partners! So let's get acquainted with them.

L’Ottico di Uggiate specializes in the sale of eyewear. In this store, you will find contact lenses and glasses of all types and for all needs. You can buy prescription glasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses at

OTTICA FOTO CASATI is the sunglasses and accessories store. It is located in Turin. To choose some stylish glasses from several famous brands, visit

OPTIPRO sells a wide range of supplies, including costume jewelry, accessories for the house, goods for animals, optics, and many other items. Go to and find something great.

Military Surplus is the ideal place to find trendy youth clothing as well as for adventurous travel. They have a wide range of goods for military lovers. For more information, go to

Ottica Punti di Vista offers a wide range of goods related to astronomy, microscopy, and outdoor activities. They also provide telescope maintenance services. At, you can choose an optical instrument to your liking.

Ottica Mancini is an optics store with a long history. At, you can find almost all of the modern brands of glasses and make use of its optometry services.

Rocco Giocattoli is a company that has been giving children the lasting joy of toys for almost 60 years. At you will find toys for everyone, including babies, kids, and adults.

Armeria Caccia e Pesca Vedovelli is an online and retail store for hunting and fishing amateurs. At, they sell all of the necessary equipment for these activities, including weapons, optics, clothing, and other useful items.

Foto Mason is a store of photo and video equipment. It is located in Tradate. For more information, visit

Italtronik is a company that has been selling electronics, including soldering station, radio and telephone accessories, routers, and computers for several years. To purchase some useful electronics, go to

Tutto Ottica is our new dealer that has three online and retail stores: at, you can buy glasses, lenses, and accessories for them; at, there is a wide range of branded glasses; at they sell telescopes, microscopes, spotting scopes, and other optical instruments.

Look for Levenhuk dealers and branch offices near you and experience our high quality service!