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The Levenhuk dealers’ family keeps growing in Bulgaria!


Dear visitors and customers,

We are pleased to inform you that 12 new companies have become our new dealers in Bulgaria!

These companies offer a wide range of products from various industries, namely online and offline optical equipment stores; online stores of combat and tactical clothing, footwear, gear, accessories, and hunting supplies; educational supply stores that sell binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, and all sorts of accessories for the outdoors; a company specializing in measuring instruments; a company providing tech support for computers and smart home, apartment, and garden systems.
р. София, р-н Витоша, ул. Клек, 9, ет. 1
Phone: +359888881527

Bright Toys
гр. София, п.к. 1680, кв. Борово, бл. 231
Phone: +359889292949

гр. Брезник, п.к. 2360, ул. Георги Бунджулов № 51
Phone: +359875400800

Плевен ул. Сан Стефано 7
Phone: +359886373424

Heli Inovations EOOD
България, Варна, жк Трошево, ул. Младежка бл.1 вх.А ап.86
Phone: +359883440222

с. Казичене, Трети март, 5, ет. 3
Phone: +359899888105
Sofia, кв. Младост 2 Ул. Проф. Д-р Васил Златарски 4, ет. 3 офис 4 (зад блок 223, над Т-Маркет)
Phone: +359878967564
ул. „Долина“ 27, София
Phone: +359889703378
Αcad. Boris Stefanov 35, 1st Floor, office 1700, Sofia, Studentski Grad
Phone: +359 887444270

жк Гео Милев, ул. Голаш №32, бл.8 вх.А ет.1 ап.1
Phone: +359882733447
Phone: +359899191066 / 0878516729
гр. Шумен, ул „Стефан Янев“ 13
Phone: +35988 800 51 40;  054/830-817

We are happy to welcome new dealers! Find the full list of Levenhuk dealers in different countries here.