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New products: remote controlled Levenhuk digital microscopes!


Levenhuk DTX RC are microscopes for applied research. They provide optical and digital magnification and allow you to work with large opaque objects, such as stones, coins, electronics, insects, and jewelry. Microscopes are equipped with built-in color screens, LED lights on flexible holders, and wireless remote controls. All models allow you to capture images and record videos in high resolution. Some models can be connected to a computer. The microscopes are powered by an AC power supply.

Remote controlled microscopes in the Rainbow series are two new products for scientific hobby and studies. They feature combined light that allows for studying samples of any degree of transparency: stones, insects, textiles, biological sections, and others. These microscopes allow you to capture images and videos in high resolution, and they feature rotatable screens. The kit includes 12 ready-to-use microscope slides.

The remote controlled microscope in the LabZZ series is similar to the Rainbow microscope, but it is designed considering children's preferences. Features: a bright body, small size, and easy operation. Suitable for studying biological sections, rocks, small mechanisms, and more.

  • Levenhuk LabZZ DM200 LCD Digital Microscope comes with a 4.3-inch screen and a simple remote control for capturing images and video recording; it is powered by an AC power supply or a battery. The kit includes 12 ready-to-use microscope slides.

Please note that all Levenhuk microscopes come with a lifetime warranty.