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Meet 13 new laboratory microscopes by Levenhuk! Biological, digital, polarizing, and dark field microscopes by a popular brand


Levenhuk 400 Microscopes

Features of the series: achromatic objectives, wide-field eyepieces, lower LED lights with a collector, and brightness adjustment. Powered by rechargeable batteries. The product line includes four microscopes with different types of rotatable heads and a digital microscope with a camera with an LCD screen.

Levenhuk 500 Microscopes

Features of the series: the achromatic wide-field optics, lower halogen lights with a collector, and adjustable brightness. Powered by an AC power supply. In addition to bright field models, the product line includes a polarizing microscope for crystallography, metallography, and highly specialized microbiological studies.

Levenhuk 900 Microscopes

Features of the series: eyepieces with a wide field of view, achromatic objectives, powerful LED lights with brightness adjustment, collectors, and AC power supply. The model range includes binocular and trinocular microscopes as well as a dark field microscope for live blood analysis.

Levenhuk DL LCD Microscopes

Features of the series: pre-installed digital cameras, heads with an LCD screen, and the ability to take pictures and record videos. New products include models with LED lights and achromatic optics.

Please note that all Levenhuk microscopes come with a lifetime warranty.