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Refractor. Aperture: 60mm. Focal length: 700mm

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Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 60T Telescope is a classic refractor on an equatorial mount. It is excellent for exploring outer space, observing terrestrial planets, and lunar craters. You can observe Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury through it. Due to its ability to precisely track celestial objects on the starry sky, the telescope is excellent for lengthy observations. Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 60T Telescope is excellent for astrophotography with a camera (purchased separately).

This telescope uses fully coated glass lenses. The optics create a sharp, detailed, and clear image and impress with a detailed picture at ultimate magnifications. The kit includes three eyepieces, that can be interchanged in order to achieve the desired magnification for observing different space objects. A diagonal mirror included in the kit is essential for examining terrestrial objects. Levenhuk Skyline PLUS 60T transmits an image flipped upside down. Use a diagonal mirror to correct that for comfortable terrestrial observations.

The optical tube is mounted on an equatorial mount operated with slow motion control knobs. It will take some time to learn how to control the mount, but it is more useful and simpler to track the celestial objects than an alt-azimuth mount. A 5x optical finderscope helps tracking the objects in the starry sky.

An aluminum tripod with an accessory tray is stable and reliable. The tripod stands steadily even on a rough surface; you can easily adjust it to your height due to adjustable legs.


  • Classic refractor with the coated glass optics
  • Equatorial mount makes tracking celestial objects easier
  • Sturdy aluminum mount with an accessory tray
  • An excellent choice for lunar, planetary, and terrestrial observations
  • The kit includes three eyepieces and a diagonal mirror

The kit includes:

  • Telescope optical tube
  • Equatorial mount
  • Aluminum tripod with an accessory tray
  • 5x24 optical finderscope
  • SR4mm (175x) eyepiece
  • H12.5mm (56x) eyepiece
  • H20mm (35x) eyepiece
  • Diagonal mirror
  • Slow-motion control knobs
  • Counterweight
  • User manual and lifetime warranty