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For detailed lunar and planetary observations. Barrel diameter: 1.25"

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Levenhuk 1.25" Optical Filter #58 (Green) has a barrel diameter of 1.25" and transmits up to 24% of visible light. With this filter, you can study the minutest details of celestial objects—such as the Solar System planets or the Moon—including aspects of them that you wouldn’t be able to see without it.


  • Venus : Enhances the contrast of the atmospheric flows.
  • Mars : Enhances the contrast of the polar regions.
  • Jupiter : Contrasts with the red and blue features of the atmosphere, and enhances the contrast of the brighter parts of the disc, providing a better image.
  • Saturn : Brings out the cloud belts and polar regions of Saturn.


Light transmission, % | 24
Eyepiece holder diameter, in | 1.25
Recommended telescope aperture | medium and large (at least 200 mm)
Usage | General use product.
May be used by kids over 3 years old.