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The Discovery Basics series: everything you need to observe, explore, and navigate the terrain


Dear customers,

We would like to present you with the latest additions to the Discovery Basics series – the devices that have been designed for exploration, orientation, and observation. It will prove useful in any trip to the countryside, whether it is a multi-day hike or a walk in the park. 15 new items in total.

Travel binoculars
Binoculars for tourists should be lightweight and small so that they will not be a burden while traveling. At the same time, with binoculars, you should be able to see the beauty of the world around you, watch birds and animals, and find your way home, if necessary. You can easily find such a device in the Discovery Basics series.

Explorer kits
The Discovery Basics kit is either a multitool or a set of several items and accessories. Both options are ideal for hikers and campers, as one purchase meets a lot of needs.

Other tools in the Discovery Basics series
The Discovery Basics series offers the items that you may need for exploring biological specimens and orienteering. Many of these items are included in explorer kits, but they can also be purchased separately.