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Presenting Discovery Gator monoculars


Dear customers,

Discovery Gator monoculars are now for sale. They’re compact, light and reliable optical instruments that are great for hiking, walking, or traveling. Each monocular is packaged in a colorful Discovery brand name box. 

A monocular is an excellent choice for those who are always on the go. This type of instrument easily fits in your pocket or purse and won’t get in the way during your trip. This is a suitable description for Discovery Gator monoculars as well. They have BK-7 glass optics and a rubber coated body for improved grip. 

Discovery Gator 10x25 Monocular offers 10x magnification, and it is suitable for operation by hand. This device has green coated optics and a rubber eyecup. 

Discovery Gator 10-30x30 Monocular has 10x to 30x magnification. It can be operated by hand at low magnification, but it’s recommended to use a tripod for high magnification (the body has the standard threading). This optical instrument also has multi-coated optics and a twist-up eyecup. 

Both models are great for daytime viewing.