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NEW from Discovery: a top-of-the-line telescope model from the Discovery Sky Trip series


Dear customers and visitors,

We are pleased to present to you our new telescope by the Discovery brand. It is a perfect gift idea for everyone who is dreaming of space explorations. It is the most powerful top-of-the-line model from the new Discovery Sky Trip series. In a colorful box, aspiring astronomers will find everything they need to conquer space: a telescope, all the necessary accessories, and a colorful book of knowledge.

Discovery Sky Trip ST80 Telescope with book is a refractor with a compact optical tube mounted on an easy-to-use alt-azimuth mount. The extended kit includes two eyepieces with different focal lengths, an optical finderscope, a Barlow lens, a diagonal prism for terrestrial observations, and an adapter for filming on a smartphone. A carrying bag protects the telescope during storage and transportation; and a built-in compass navigates on land during out-of-town observations. A great option for astronomical tourism!

The kit includes the colorful "Space. Non-Empty Emptiness" knowledge book. It contains valuable information about the structure of the telescope, the types of astronomical objects, and the methods to observe them.

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