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New Discovery Sky Trip telescopes with knowledge books


Dear customers and visitors, 

We continue to expand the range of telescopes by the Discovery brand: the Sky Trip series offers two new models of refractors. They are designed for beginner users who are looking for an easy-to-use telescope to take the first steps in astronomy. The telescopes on alt-azimuth mounts are great for observing various objects: stars, the Moon, planets, and terrestrial landscapes. 

Discovery Sky Trip telescopes offer an extensive range of accessories, e.g. interchangeable eyepieces and a Barlow lens, diagonal prism and optical finderscope, a backpack for traveling with the telescope, and an adapter for taking pictures on your smartphone. The telescope tubes are short, and due to their compact size, they are ideal for bringing them along to the festivals for astrophotographers. There are two models with different apertures in stock: 

Each telescope comes with the "Space. Non-Empty Emptiness" knowledge book. The engaging illustrated encyclopedia is an asset to any aspiring astronomer.

Discovery telescopes also come in branded gift boxes. The full range of products is available here.