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Expansion of the USB-microscopes Discovery Artisan Series


Dear customers and visitors,

We are pleased to inform you about two new microscopes in the Discovery Artisan series. All of the models in this series are designed especially for applied works and have photo and video recording functions as well as allow for measuring objects and processing images.

Discovery Artisan 512 Digital microscope

It is equipped with a 5'' color LCD screen and upper LED illumination with adjustable brightness and it provides optical and digital magnification (digital zoom up to 1200x). It has a 5Mpx camera and polarizing filter for preventing glare. The microscope is compatible with external devices (computer, TV). It comes with the necessary software for processing photos and videos. It is powered by an AC power supply and the built-in battery.

Discovery Artisan 1024 Digital microscope

It is similar to the previous model, but it now features a portable design. This microscope has a bit smaller screen (4") that can be rotated. The other features are the same: a 5Mpx camera, photo and video recording, polarizing filter, LED illumination with adjustable brightness, and powered by an AC supply or a battery.

The Discovery Artisan microscopes are convenient for the professional work of a jeweler, numismatist, service center worker, appraiser, and many other specialists in different fields.