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Discovery Micro is a new series of biological microscopes for beginners


Dear customers,

We’re pleased to present the microscope series Discovery Micro with its bright optical instruments for beginners. The devices come with one of five different body colors and a knowledge book, “The Invisible World”, which is included in the kit. They are currently available for sale on our website as well as in our partners’ stores.

The microscopes were designed for microbial world research with 40x to 640x magnification. Transparent slides can be viewed, including: a set of ready-made slides, thinly precut plant and animal tissues, and the life in a drop of water.

The microscopes are equipped with a two position eyepiece, preinstalled objective lenses, and battery-powered LED illumination. Since the body is made of plastic and the optics are made of optical polymer glass, the devices don’t consist of any easily-broken elements, thereby making them safe to use.

As an added bonus, each microscope comes with a knowledge book called “The Invisible World”. This illustrated, educational book covers the microbial world in a comprehensive way, including how to study it with a microscope.

Models included in the series:

Discovery Micro microscopes are also packaged in colorful brand name boxes.