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Levenhuk Blaze Compact
The series of ultra-compact spotting scopes with smooth variable magnification. The optical elements are made of the coated BK-7 glass that significantly improves color rendering and allows for observing in low illumination conditions. Levenhuk Blaze Compact Spotting Scopes are impervious to any weather conditions. Their bodies do not penetrate water; they are nitrogen-filled to prevent the lenses from fogging. Adaptable to a tripod.
Levenhuk Blaze Compact ED
Levenhuk Blaze Compact ED Spotting Scopes harmonically combine extra-low dispersion multi-coated lenses, smooth variable magnification, and an ultra-compact body. These optical instruments are suitable for traveling and hiking, due to their small size, lightweight design, and capability to convey all the beauties of the world. In addition, they are completely impervious to rain or snow as well as to abrupt temperature changes because the nitrogen filling protects the lenses from fogging. The spotting scopes in this series can be attached to a tripod.

Most of the spotting scopes are designed for terrestrial observations but they provide up to 100x magnification. That is why spotting scopes are used for observing distant objects. The compact sizes of a spotting scope allow for their convenient transportation. In addition, high-aperture models can be compared to telescopes and deliver the stars to you in good quality.

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Levenhuk Blaze Compact 50 Spotting Scope
129.95 EUR
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Product ID: 74160
Levenhuk Blaze Compact 60 Spotting Scope
139.95 EUR
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Product ID: 74161
Levenhuk Blaze Compact 50 ED Spotting Scope
154.95 EUR
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